Adventures in Mu Mu Land
Welcome to The Mu Mu Land!

Originally called ‘The Mu Mu Club’ this project started life as two x 1 hour interactive theatre shows for children aged 2 to 7 years.

These were first performed in 2007 in Bristol at the Tobacco Factory, and in 2008 in Coventry at the B2 Belgrade Studio.

Our live shows, performed by two actresses and a musician were always very well received by children, parents and teachers alike.

And additionally, there was a strong demand for our original sing-a-long songs on CD.

Subsequently, as a pitch to animation companies, the content was re-drafted into 25 x 11 minute episodes, to match industry preferences.

And then, in 2014, we also decided to produce our own audiobook version of 3 initial short stories based in ‘Mu Mu Land’ – the magical, musical world that the two heroines - Honey and Pickle - visit.

And the 'Adventures in Mu Mu Land' series was born.


  • ‘Adventures in Mu Mu Land’ - Book One - consists of 3 x 18 minute stories, interspersed with original songs.
  • Adventure One: The Missing Prince
  • Adventure Two: Never Judge A Ladybird By Its Spots
  • Adventure Three: Keep Smiling

There is also an additional 4th ‘Chapter’ with a medley, of all 9 songs, played non-stop.

We are confident that primary teachers who use either format – the stories – or the songs – will find that they engage the very youngest listeners exceedingly well.

The material has, after all, been fully tried and tested in its original theatrical format.

That said, many parents now tell us that ‘Adventures Mu Mu Land’ in an audio format really encourages young children to concentrate and listen attentively – and to join in and repeat the words and songs over and over!

  • 'Adventures in Mu Mu Land’ - Book Two - consists of 2 more enchanting stories, and yet more original songs.​
  • Adventure Four: The Naughty Tooth Fairy
  • Adventure Five: Skiddlie-Dapa-Do-Wop and the Missing Egg
  • Welcome to The Mu Mu Club - (Music / Movement and Participation)
  • Starlight - (Magic)
  • The Toothbrush Song / Shine Like New - (A real winner with Mums and Dads! Makes cleaning your teeth fun!)
  • Rockin’ and A-Rollin’ - (Music and Dance / Participation)
  • The Lullaby - (A Lovely Song to Go To Sleep To)
  • Buddy’s Song / Top Dog - (Theme Tune for our All-singing / All-dancing Super-Hero Dog!)
  • We’re Going on a Train - (Transport)
  • Moonlit Skies - (Another Bedtime Lullaby)
  • The Mu Mu Beat - (Dance / Participation)
  • Double Act - (All About Friendship)
  • It’s Time For Magic To Happen (Magic)
  • We're Flying - (Transport - Magic Carpet)
  • Welcome To Elvira’s Place - (Dance / Participation)
  • Skiddlie-Dapa-Do-Wop - (Theme Tune for our Mummy Dinosaur)
  • Keep Smiling - (Happiness / Friendship)
  • We're Having a Ball - (Dance / Participation / Sing-a-Long)