Adventures in Mu Mu Land
Welcome to The Mu Mu Land!
In ‘Adventures in Mu Mu Land – Book One’ you can join our heroes Honey and Pickle and travel through the magic portal into the colourful world of Mu Mu Land.
In ‘Book Two’ – Honey and Pickle are having a sleep-over, when the radio
						in their bedroom comes to life, and a voice tells them it’s time to go on
						another adventure to Mu Mu Land.
There are problems to solve and people for them to save … just in the nick
						of time, before they make it back home just in time for their bedtime
There you can listen to 3 imaginative adventure stories with wonderful
						sound effects and original sing-a-long songs that you’ll want to play again
						and again.
They journey through the magic portal, this time joined by their dog Buddy
						… who once in Mu Mu Land can sing, dance, talk … and has super powers!
The home of fun-filled musical adventures for children aged 3+
The Mu Mu Land offers exciting adventures for younger listeners,
					delightfully told through story and song.